Our VidiOP camera Systems. Your innovative edge.

In the operating room, the principle is as simple as this: you must always have the essentials in view and be able to rely 100% on the technology. With the VidiOP camera system from Völker, you have the right solution for every application. And many possibilities: HD or 4K, wired or wireless – exactly how you can best integrate it into your system. Völker makes using this innovative technology easier than ever before. Thanks to a simple locking mechanism, the camera can be mounted quickly and easily on the corresponding luminaire. And an extensive range of accessories fulfills every conceivable task.

High resolution. Brilliant. Future-proof.
The new 4K camera systems from Völker.

Völker's VidiOP system gives you a decisive technical lead. But technology is always evolving. That is why our cameras are now also available in 4K resolution. Your new high-end product in the OR: either wired, with standard slip rings, or wireless with innovative radio technology. With the VidiOP system, you always stay at the forefront of technical development, the compatibility within the system ensures this - now and in the future.

Unsere 4K-Kamerasysteme:

4K wired

UHD resolution with over 8 million pixels, Transmission via slip rings

4K wireless

UHD resolution with over 8 million pixels, Radio transmission of the signals

Unsere Full-HD-Kamerasysteme:

HD wired

HD resolution with over 2 million pixels, Transmission via slip rings

HD wireless

HD resolution with over 2 million pixels, Radio transmission of the signals.

We shape the future every day.
For the past 30 years already.

While technology makes amazing progress every day, our conviction has remained the same for more than three decades: everything can always be made a little bit better. With this belief in mind, the Völker engineering team works daily on developing medical camera and video systems. New requirements or technologies flow into the system concept while medical approvals or new regulations are constantly taken into account to guarantee future-proof products for users worldwide. With video technology from Völker, you are always at the forefront of what is technically possible. Today, tomorrow – and the day after tomorrow.

It's all a question of optics. In the truest sense of the word.

Because every detail can be decisive in the operating room, our optics must deliver top technical performance. And they do: with 20× and 30× optical zoom, which together with the additional 12× digital zoom provides a total zoom range of 240× and 360× respectively. Even the smallest areas or details are displayed clearly, distinctly, and sharply – even under difficult conditions.

You provide the light.
We provide the eyes.

For optimal conditions in the operating room, luminaire and camera systems should be perfectly matched and seamlessly integrated. With the cameras from our VidiOP system, this is always guaranteed. Whether HD resolution, 4K (UHD), or whatever the future may bring, Völker is your partner for complete technical expertise – and for a long-term top position of your luminaire systems. Take us by our word: we offer the right solution for every one of your requirements, even if the right technology does not yet exist. Because in this case, we will build it for you!

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